Syma X5c Review

Syma X5C Drone Explorer is very cheap and affordable plus it is easy to fly both indoors and outside. For the price, you are getting plenty for a toy drone which also comes with a nifty 720p HD camera. As well, it is durable, and if a part is damaged, the parts required are readily available for repair.

However, it only has a flight time of around 7 minutes, and requires a charging time of about 90 minutes.

Back to the camera, it also can provide the first-person view (FPV) from the Syma drone camera to any iOS or Android compatible device. Do note, the quality of the image isn’t that great and the camera lacks any kind stabilization function, which can result in shaky image quality. But for less than 50 bucks,you and I cannot complain.

At the end of the day, if you want a budget aerial drone photography, then the Syma X5C is quadcopter drone that is worth considering and it is better than the price suggests. For beginners, this drone is worth considering for aerial drone photography.

Amazon Customer Reviews

“If you are looking at your first mini-quad, as I was when I purchased this, then your looking at the right product. Let me start off by saying that I have had zero experience with quads before this and after about 2 weeks I have mastered my orientation and am having a blast each time I take this thing out.”
– By nightshade

“It can be equipped for first person view. I recently mounted a Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera & VTX (SPMVA1100) atop one of my X5C-1s and I’m getting some great FPV video through a remote monitor I mounted atop the Syma transmitter. I highly recommend the X5C-1 as a great beginner quadcopter!”
– By glycon

“Great buy for the price. Sturdy and very light.”
– By Oscar Maradiaga