3DR Solo Drone Review

The 3DR Solo is a photographer or videographer’s dream. Whether you are a hobbyist wanting to film beautiful landscapes or a professional photographer wanting to break into aerial photography, the Solo drone from 3DR is going to be an excellent choice from the ease of flight to the feature-filled photography capabilities.

Safety Features

Regardless of your level of experience in controlling a drone, the Solo makes it easy. If you lack experience controlling a drone, Solo has you covered. The Solo has automatic takeoff and landing settings to ensure a safe flight, plus in-app training videos from assembling your drone to flying it.
3DR also has a ton of safety features built into the Solo. Feel at ease with the ability to set a preconfigured height ceiling to keep the drone close to you. Plus, there is a button on the controller to pause your flight and have the drone hover in place.

The drone has two processors built into the drone, one in the drone itself and the other in the controller, which enables the drone to quickly process commands and virtually eliminate any kind of lag. The processors constantly monitor 500 parameters of flight data every 20 seconds. But the most amazing benefit of having dual processors is something available only on the 3DR Solo; each processor records your flight data separately, so you have that data available to you even if you lose the drone itself. In the event of a crash or loss of signal, the app will prompt you to file a service ticket, which can instantly be submitted through your mobile phone’s Internet connection. If the information in the flight log shows that the crash was caused by a system malfunction, 3DR will replace the copter (and the gimbal if one was installed) and even give you credit to purchase a new GoPro.

Photography and Videography

Even with all the safety features built into the Solo, it is the features for photography and videography that really make the Solo shine.

3DR worked directly with GoPro to bring first in the world technology to the Solo. The Solo Gimbal has a 3-axis design to ensure stability and allow you to capture smooth and fluid images in HD. The gimbal was designed to also allow you to control your GoPro’s recording from the ground. For the first time ever, you can start and stop recording while you’re flying, which enables you to pick and choose what and when you capture images. This allows you to have smaller file sizes which can be saved directly to your smartphone and reduces the amount of editing needed in your software.

But one of the coolest features build into the Solo is Smart Shots. The Smart Shots software allows for Hollywood style shots at the tap of a button. Simply line your shot up, press “play” and the software will automatically guide the Solo through the shot sequence and create shots that would make some cinematographers jealous!

Set the Solo to film an object while circling it or follow a certain path as if on a wire. The Solo is also capable of following a subject and keeping it centered through the “Follow” setting or take your selfies to the next level in “selfie” mode.

The Solo has unequalled safety features for peace of mind and incredible options for recording your flights. So, if you are interested in a drone for photography or videography, the 3DR Solo is an excellent choice whether you are an experienced flier or not.