The QAV250 is Lumenier’s most popular racing drone and is available in a frame kit, an ARF (almost ready to fly) and RTF (ready to fly). The highly customizable 250mm frame supports 5” props and is available in a 2.5D unibody main frame board and full 3k Carbon Fiber.

The QAV250 is definitely not for the beginner hobbyist but for a more experienced flier who is comfortable in building the drone themselves.

The G10 frame is an excellent start for intermediate to advanced racers. Since it is just a frame, the components will have to be purchased separately and assembled, which can make the completed drone a little pricier than an RTF model. However, the frame is highly customizable and sturdy (especially if you elect for the carbon fiber model), so you can build the racing drone that you want.

Lumenier’s list of recommended parts include Gemfan 5X3 props, Lumenier FX-2206 2000kv motors or similar, 12amp ESCs with SimonK, Lumenier 1300mAh 3s LiPo battery, and OpenPilot CC3D flight controller.
QAV250 G10 ARF

QAV250 G10 ARF

The G10 ARF comes with the frame, a power distribution board, 2 LED boards, a set of landing gear and feet, 8 Gefman 5X3 propellers, 4 FXC1806-14 2300kv motors and 4 Lumenier 12 amp ESCs with SimonK AutoShot. The kit has all the basics that you will need to build your racer, but you still need to supply your own battery, flight controller and FPV equipment.

QAV250 G10 RTF

The G10 RTF comes with the frame preassembled and the same propellers, motors and ESCs as in the ARF, plus a Lumenier LUX flight controller that has been pre-programmed and test flown using SBUS receivers. You will still need to provide a battery, transmitter and FPV gear.
As you can tell, this is not a kit for a beginner or someone who’s not comfortable soldering wires and components. The kit is not challenging for someone with experience in building their own racers, but could be a little challenging to someone who is experienced with racing drones and wants to move up and build their own.

The G10 frame is a very popular racing drone frame and for a good reason. It is lightweight, sturdy, and highly customizable. Depending on how you fit out your frame, the G10 is capable of speeds up to 60 mph, so it’s a great choice for someone looking to get into drone racing.

One disadvantage is that the unibody bottom plate would require you to replace the entire part should an arm get damaged. Gluing the arm back into place will not give it the same strength. Fortunately, parts for the G10 are readily available and the design makes for easy work when replacing parts.

If you’re new to drone racing, it would be recommended that you look for a model that’s ready to race out of the box. However, if you’re and experienced flier wanting to step it up and build their own drone or someone who’s completely comfortable building their own drone, the Lumenier QAV250 G10 is an excellent choice of frame to build your drone racer.